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Hi there! My name is Jaspreet Singh. I have been working as a professional software and web developer with an excellent experience. I also have speciality in Artificial Intelligence. I love to work with complex problems and I have the skills to diagnose and provide solutions to more typical problems.

Things that grows us!

Competition and struggle are everywhere, if we do things with smart and hard work then it will help us to grow from bottom to top and make us different from others.

If I talk about myself, I have a Diploma in Computer Science Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic College, Ludhiana, and also Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana.

I have a great ability in creating Web and Desktop applications using a variety of modern technologies. I am also very adequate in maintaining websites and applications as I am an expert in using WordPress, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MATLAB and Java. I always focus on producing high quality and module-oriented user-friendly codes. Also I step up and working on Machine learning based speech processing application includes speech separation, speech recognition and speech emotion recognition.

A.I Speech Recognition

Speech is a way to communicate with others that may encapsulate different distortions in real
life environment. In computer, speech can be processed digitally after converting time signals into time and frequency domains. Speech processing can be performed in different forms – speech analysis, speech separation, speech recognition, and speech synthesis. Speech anaysis helps to analyze signals in speech recorded and make imporvement/modification to signals. Speech separation is further performed in two operations – denoising and dereverberation. In denoising, interested speech is recovered from background noises. On the othe hand, Dereverberation operation recovers the speech from reverberation or echo effect. Speech Recognition process speech and convert the spoken words into text that is language-based script. Speech synthesis is the reverse operation of speech recognition that converts text into speech composed of integrated phonemes.

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Jaspreet is really good Programmer! I was very happy to work with him. Clear and understandable goals. Flexible deadlines and very productive communication

From:Evgenija T.(Upwork)

Excellent and efficient work as usual. Task accomplished

From:Monika K.

Good support and conversation from the freelancer. Highly recommended!

From: Shahadat H.

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